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Draft question

I have to note that I don't know how active I will be here, but I think that it is a wonderful idea for a community. I rather like the fact that it focuses around redlines, critiques, and general help with the difficulties often encountered with ungulate anatomy, especially considering the vast variety within the group.

And now for a question, I have worked a fair amount with light breeds of horses, however I am tremendously lacking when it comes to draft and pony breeds. My general tendency is to sketch first and then find references later, which means I spend a lot of time drawing things that I can only see in my head, so a couple rules of thumb to log away would be good to have, I think. I know there are some key differences between the light, heavy, and pony breeds, but are there some general guidelines that one can keep in mind while sketching? I can't recall any place where there is an artistic breakdown of proportions and the like between the three types.
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I wouldn't worry about getting specific traits of individual pony breeds right now. rather, just have your drawings look like a pony. (And not a horse with short legs)

Once you can sketch out a pony, then look into different features to distinguish breeds.

Something I am trying for in my work is to have some of my horses look arab, some fresian, and some look perch. And have a horse person be able to tell that's what they are supposed to be! :)
I'm still pretty new to horses, in the scheme of things. There are so many different breeds, and even some big differences related to this within pony breeds and draft breeds.

A few notable things that i can think of off the top of my head as they say, are:

-drafts have thicker legs. I guess you could call them "big boned" and not get smacked liek you would for calling a human that. ;p
Their legs aren't necessarily shorter, though i think they are slightly shorter in proportion to the body, but this too probably depends on breed.
-drafts often have a distinctive sort of cleft between their hips, dividing the hindquarters. i think there's a name for it, but i'm not good with names. It's different because light horses besically just have a smooth croup. I looked for a reference picture of this, but i can't find one, bah! But a good rearview shot of a big drafter will probably show this.
-Draft horses often have feathering, i don't think very many light horse breeds do.
-They're just bigger, all around. Stockier. I'm not really an expert, but i love drafts, so i really ought to try drawing them myself, i really haven't before, though.

Ponies are shorter, obviously, but they can vary quite a bit in shape... i've seen some that look just like regular horses but smaller... and then i've seen some that look like the full-sized body of a regular horse stuck on small legs.

Hmmm. without getting into the specifics of certain breeds (which i'm not too good with anyhow) that's about all i can think of. ...hope it's not too disappointing. :) (and if it's the basics that you already know i'm sorry for sounding like i think you don't know anything.)