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Draft question

I have to note that I don't know how active I will be here, but I think that it is a wonderful idea for a community. I rather like the fact that it focuses around redlines, critiques, and general help with the difficulties often encountered with ungulate anatomy, especially considering the vast variety within the group.

And now for a question, I have worked a fair amount with light breeds of horses, however I am tremendously lacking when it comes to draft and pony breeds. My general tendency is to sketch first and then find references later, which means I spend a lot of time drawing things that I can only see in my head, so a couple rules of thumb to log away would be good to have, I think. I know there are some key differences between the light, heavy, and pony breeds, but are there some general guidelines that one can keep in mind while sketching? I can't recall any place where there is an artistic breakdown of proportions and the like between the three types.
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