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New community. :)

Okay, seeing as how this community is new...welcome, and I need y'all to help me with the community "interests." I typed out as many as I could think of, but it certainly isn't all-inclusive. I know there's a tonne of deer, antelope and gazelle and stuff that I'm missing, and I'm sure I missed a few others. :P

Also, since the community is so new, feel free to discuss rules you'd like to see added or changed or gotten rid of, since I just pulled the current rules out of thin air. :P
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Some suggestions:
unguligrade, bovines, ovines, cervines, cervidae, anatomy, critique, redline, redlining, unicorns, brontotherium, creodonts, tutorials, physiology, zoology, artiodactyls, perissodactyls, pegasus [and/or pegasi], hyrax, sea cows, dugongs, elephants, aardvarks, camels, chevrotains, constructive criticism

Note that some of these are slight variations on existing interests intended to get them to show up as actual links — meaning others have them as interests [eg, "unguligrade" is the corrected spelling of "ungulatgrade," "brontothere" is unlinked where as "brontotherium" is, etc]. Many if not most LJ users list their interests in plural form.

Yes, sea cows and aardvarks are ungulates. o___o Their hoofedness is less than obvious, though, so of course it's up to you whether or not they get included.
Awesome, thanks! Shall add momentarily...and if we're gonna accept creodonts, we better accept aardvarks and sea cows, too. XD
I racked my brain for unmentioned words and it was fun.

gnu, oryx, ibex, markhor, muntjac, mountain goat/sheep, reindeer, goat-antelope, dromedary, grysbok, aurochs, kudu, sable antelope, buffalo, guanaco, moufflon, fallow deer, mustang, yak, gerenuk, water buck, babirusa...
embrithopoda, megaloceros, toxodon, syndyoceras... other extinct species

ram, ewe, lamb, foal, filly, fawn, calf, buck, stag, doe, jenny, jennet...
arabian/draft/fjord horse etc..? granivore? pachyderm/ata?
centaurs, faun, satyr

traditional art, cgi, photoshop, acrylic, graphite,

What about cetaceans? hah.
And... manatee
AWESOME, and yup I forgot manatees and sea cows. XD!!! Thanks so much!!! Shall add 'em in a moment. :)
OH YEAH ALSO ki-rin.

Also might I suggest tags? Things like diagrammes, tutorials, outside links, books, etc.
Ironically there's a 150 interest maximum. I can't add more. O.O I was...kinda shocked and pissed at that!

Oh god yes, tags. *nodnodnods* I shall add them tomorrow when I'm awake again. Thanks for reminding me! :)
I know, it's a bother. :/ Consider removing some redundancies and/or unlinked interests in favour of ones that'd be linked. You can always use the Search>Interest feature to check and see what's going to give the community the most matches.

And no prob on the tags. :3
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